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  • 02/07/2017 Easy Pattern Generator


    HDMI 2.0 Easy Pattern Generator with Various Resolution,
    Color Space, HDCP, and Dynamic Range output settings,

    Is Your Quick/Competitive Video equipment Test solution.



    ● Excellent HDMI 2.0 Video Output System
       brings easy and effective way to examine
       HDMI equipment with various resolution,
       Color Space, HDCP, and Dynamic Range
       output settings.
    ● Output different pattern build-in video source
       to test or inspecting monitor capability and
       condition, extremely useful for R & D, RMA and QC
    ● Examine monitor's capability just in seconds
    ● Support HDMI 2.0
    ● LED indicator shows the current output setting
    ● Support auto EDID configuration
    ● Incorporate EDID procedures for continuous
       video output  


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