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    • KVM Mate
      USB-HID Reinforcer  (Pair Use)

      Add USB-HID to Any Extender with Serial Extension Function

    • ● Add USB-HID Transmit Function to Any Extender with Serial Extension Function
      ● Allow You to Transmit 4 USB-HID Signals over Serial Port. 
      ● USB-HID Signal Extension Distance Can Match Your Extender’s Max. Setting  
      ● Support USB HID Devices Like Keyboard, Mouse, and Touch Screen 
      ● Host / Device Slide Switch to Help Users for Reverse Operation
      ● Rotary Dip Switch Allows User to Match The Baud Rate Setting of The Video
          Extender from 9.6Kbps to 1.8432Mbps  
      ● Plug-n-Play System without Any Driver or Software Installation
      ● Fully support Windows and Mac System




      USB-A x 4

      Extension Distance

      Based on Extender's Max. Distance

      LED Indicator

      x 1

      Unit Connection


      Terminal Block

      x 1

      Slide Switch

      x 1 (Host / Device)

      Rotary DIP Switch

      x 1 (16 positions for Baud Rate Setup
       from 9.6Kbps to 1.8432 Mbps)


      H x W x D (mm)

      22 x 83 x 78

      Power Supply

      DV 5V, 1A (Mini-USB)

      Weight (g)



      * For example: 70 KM over Fiber Extender:  USB-HID can extend to 70 KM 
                               100 M over Cat.5 Extender:  USB-HID can extend to 100 M