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    • PHQ-TM60 Series
    • Power-Sequencing Power Hub (5V/12V) with Selectable Soft-Startup & Power-Sequencing Timing

    • Features:

      ● DC Power Cord Application Eliminates Use of Extension Cord & Keeps Your Server Room Neat
      ● 100 to 240V AC Charger in a Steady
      , Classical Design
      ● Front Panel LEDs Indicate Real-TimePower Consumption
      ● Fool-Proof Plugs, Avoid Short-Circuitry
      ● Provide 8 Extra Power Sources connected Devices
      ● 4 DC 5V / USB-A Receptacles on Front Panel & 4 DC 12V Receptacles on Rear Panel Make Connections Easy to Reach
      ● 5V Output Adds USB-A Connector Selection
      ● Current Up to 3.0 A on Each USB Port Allowing to Charge 4 High Power Mobile Devices (e.g. IPAD) Simultaneously
      ● Enable Charging iDevices / Android & Other USB Devices at Their MaximumDesigned Speed
      ● Power Lock - Connection Cannot be Mistakenly Disengaged


      High Lighted Features:

      ● Soft-Start Function Reduces Inrush Current
      ● Power-Sequencing Function Further Eliminates Inrush Current Induced Malfunctions