• Video Switch-Splitter
    • VGM-S4116
    • 3D HDMI Switch-Splitter w/ GUI, IR & Serial Control

    •  ● Select 1 from 4 HDMI source and then distribute to 16 HDMI displays
      ● Provide various ways to control via    
         1. Front panel push button    
         2. IR remote controller     
         3. Serial control-simple serial connection    
         4. Serial control-GUI operation
      ● Individually turn ON / OFF display signal
      ● Compliant with HDMI 1.3b
      ● Mandatory 3D-video, HDCP compliant and Blu-ray ready
      ● Non-volatile memory stores all settings in case of blackout
      ● Innovative technology designed to avoid unnecessary flicker when adding system instruments
      ● Signal Optimization choosing the best output setting from the available alternatives
      ● HDTV, 3D HDTV compatible
      ● Support the resolution up to Full HD 1080p / 2048 x 1152

      EGO MX Functions
      ● Versatile port selection functions of Priority, Auto sensing and Switch modes
      ● User-friendly port switching via button pressing or priority setting
      ● Matrix mode supports 2-Bus function which can display 2 sources simultaneously

      EDID Functions
      ● Multi-functions for EDID setting, like EDID Copy and EDID Pre-setting, ensuring accurate output    display
      ● Enable separately learn Audio and Video EDID for multimedia/ Home Theater system integration
      ● Emulating EDID information ensures the optimum video performance
      ● Read and store the EDID from the connecting display to the video extension

      GUI Operation Features
      ● Graphically show connection status
      ● Most commonly used menu items are duplicated as icons on the top
      ● Common icons are provided
      ● Can name and use your own images for every source and display icon