• LCD Console Drawer
    • IUM-2108 & IUM-2116
    • VGA 2 Access 8~16 Port USB+PS/2 KVM Module w/ OSD

    • • Manage multiple computers from two locations
      • Cascade configuration expands system capability
      • Auto-scan automatically selects computers sequentially
      • Assigns individual computers with unique and meaningful names.
      • Identifies and selects computers by the names
      • Programmable scan filters unused computers
      • Stores system settings and name entries to non- volatile memory
      • Password security locks computer from unauthorized access
      • Gains complete control with easy-to-use OSD interface
      • Hotkey functions allow easy computer access
      • Keyboard states automatically saved and restored when switching computers
      • Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
      • Plug-n-play system configuration
      • DDC2B compatible
      • Supports optional multimedia module for microphones and stereo speakers
      • Cascadable to all 19 rack mountable PS/2 KVM Switches
      • Special 3-in-1 cables save spaces and offer the most flexibility
      • 16-port model is only 1U in height
      • Supports computers with either PS/2 or USB interface
      • Supports Sun servers, HP servers and Mac


        Slim USB + PS/2
      IUM-2108D IUM-2116D
      Number of Console Ports 2
      Number of Computer Ports 8 16
      Max. Cascade Computers 64 136
      Cable Type 1-to-3 (PS/2) or 1-to-2 (USB) Cable
      Applicable to Computer PC, Sun, Mac
      On-Screen Display (OSD) Yes
      Push Button Control 8, Available When Connected to a KVM Drawer
      Hotkey Control Yes
      Auto-Scan Interval 3, 8, 15, 30 Seconds
      Programmable Scan Pattern Yes
      Plug-and-Play Yes
      Rack-Mounted Yes, 19" Industry Standard
      Cable Length (Max.) 30M (100ft) at CONSOLE
      30M (100ft) at PC ports for PS/2
      5M at PC ports for USB
      Video Resolution 1920 x 1440, DDC2B
      LCD KVM Drawer Connector C-36
      Keyboard+ Mouse+ Monitor
      (2-in-1)USB Interface
      HDB15 x 8
      HDB15 x 16
      Keyboard PS/2 x 1
      Mouse PS/2 x 1
      Monitor HDB15 (Female) x 1
      Rear-Mount Brackets 1U-Height, Included
      Height 1U
      Power Consumption (Max.) 12V DC, 3A (When Connected to a TFT LCD Drawer)
      9 ~12V DC, 500mA (Not Connected to a TFT LCD Drawer)
      H x W x D (mm)
      44 x 404 x 114