• Video Switch-Splitter
    • VSPM-212
    • VSPM-212 (DisplayPort + HDMI → HDMI x 2)  

      Hybrid Video Switch Splitter with EDID Copy Function

    • ● Duplicate one HDMI/DVI or DisplayPort input to two HDMI/DVI outputs
      ● Two input sources selectable
      ● Priority setting: set either one of video inputs as the priority display
      ● Automatically display the other one when there’s no video input in Priority port
      ● Push button for easy computer selection
      ● Automatically power-saving when video input is lost.
      ● Plug-n-Play system configuration
      ● Compatible with most of the popular screen resolution to XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WSXGA ….Full HD, WUXGA system.
      EDID Functions
      ● EDID functions effect simultaneously of all video sources
      ● EDID Copy function makes the best video presentation
      ● Read and store the EDID from the connecting display to the video extension
      ● Provide EDID, if a display’s EDID is not available
      ● Alternatively perform the default or thecopied EDID for the connected display device