What is KVM switch?

KVM is composed of three words “Keyboard, Video, and Mouse”. KVM allows you to access multiple computers or servers via only one set of Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. Computers may be selected by pressing the KVM push button directly, by issuing hotkey commands or by activating OSD window. KVM switch is a compact size pure hardware solution plug-and-play system without any driver or software installation. It simply reduces redundant cables and encourages a neat and tidy working environment, also saving you space, time, equipment, and money.

How to Choose a Right KVM Switch?

When choosing a suitable KVM, you need to clarify many important factors of the use environment, such as:

  1. Number of sources
  2. User number
  3. Video type
  4. Single or multiple monitors
  5. Resolution and performance
  6. Audio Support
  7. Support USB peripherals
  8. Digital and front-end IP switches
  9. Distance requirement
  10. safety certificate
  11. Integrated remote power management function
  12. Support serial device
  13. Bandwidth

Only by selecting according to the needs can the KVM selector's effectiveness be maximized.

Why choose Rextron KVM Switch?

Rextron KVM switch provides easy and intuitive ways for multiple computers selection such as front panel button pressing, hotkey command or OSD activating, and roaming mouse switching.

Expandability: Rextron provides 2/4/8/16-port KVM switches for Windows, Sun, Linux, and Mac system operation and up to 136 servers can be easily managed by cascading multiple KVM switches to expand the system capacity.

Resource Sharing: Rextron KVM switch with USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports provide excellent I/O speed for USB peripherals sharing.

Multi-video operation: Dual Monitor, Triple Monitor, and Quad Montior KVM switches suitable for workaholic, game enthusiast, and 3D graphic designer.

Multi-Format video: Rextron KVM supports VGA/ DVI/ HDMI/ DisplayPort/ Mini DisplayPort/ Multi-format video interfaces suitable for the latest computer graphics cards.

A leading company in the IT field, Rextron International Inc. has dedicated its abundant development experience and design ability to the market of KVM, Matrix, Extender products integration. Our company has gained a reputation for making high quality IT related products and earn the trust of its clients over 50 countries worldwide.

Design, Research and Development, manufacturing, 100% Born in Taiwan

We are committed to providing our customers with engineering and manufacturing service, innovative design, and systematic production processes that include board design, PCB layout, software package development and test, artwork and a mechanical drawing, packing, and certification along the way to fulfill the requirement of the growing market. Rextron protects its and respects the innovation and intellectual property rights and invests heavily in applying for patents year by year and has owned patents on KVM products.

IT-related products like, KVM Switch. Rextron save no endeavors to design state-of-the-art products provides end users a more flexible to switch there need. In the future, we will continue to develop an innovative, simple, and intuitive design to our users by satisfying their needs.


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