Best KVM Matrix Switch for SOHO to Work Efficiently - MBAG-3214
Problems Encountered in Office and SOHO
● Searching for control system for 2~4 PCs with Two monitors 
● Using ONLY one wired/wireless keyboard and mouse to fulfill all of the computers control
● A need for 2~4 PCs desktops to be randomly or deliberately displayed on two monitors for more informative input
● To accomplish a complicated project and enable file transfer that span Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome O.S multiple platforms.
Application and utilization of DisplayPort Extender
Rextron 4K DisplayPort Extender can be installed in minutes and requires no special programming, saving a lot of space for users. Rextron provides all kinds and full product lines of DP Extender related products to meet the needs of market requirement.
OEM/ODM Projects for European Station Digital Signage
A railway station in Europe features to upgrade it to a bus and train interchange station, wants to deploy digital signage technology to improve the traffic flow between the station and airport in 3 KM away.
Digital Signage OEM/ODM Project - Asia Airport
An Asian international airport features a budding travel hub that receiving millions of visitors a year, wants to engage 4K broadcasting technology to control and extend different video contents to the whole airport.
KVM Extender Application
This artical explains how KVM extender works.
Church Solutions
The church holds the service to worship God periodically. As a common architecture of church, the space inside the hall is large enough to accommodate lots of people. That is why a lot of churches which would install the flat screen in the front of the chapel, or, to mount the TV screens on the walls. 
Control Center Solutions
In C2 (Command & Control) applications, the most required feature is multi-tasking operation & over-LAN access. Rextron’s USB Roaming mouse switch provides seamless switch by moving mouse cursor across screen border. Such features minimize time spent on operating the KVM switch and yield better for user experience. In numerous and compact control rooms where user might have only one display, roaming mouse switch with video function is also available.
Education Solutions
Nowadays most Elementary Schools in Taipei are very small and its play grounds are not able to accommodate all the teachers and students at same time or sometimes not convenient to gather all teachers and students to held Sports Day or Weekly Meeting because of the rain.
Concert Solutions
Applications for concert, a long-range video signal transmission is always required. Sometimes, even 100M HDBaseT & other CATx is not long enough. In such case, Rextron’s fiber extenders are a good way to solve long distance. They provide 4K video extension capability up to 10KM and can be used in LAN environment.


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