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Video switch allows user to switch among multiple video sources. 
Rextron's video switch includes HDMI switch, DisplayPort switch, DVI switch, VGA switch. 
Video splitter allows user to show the content from one source on multiple displays.
Rextron's video splitter includes HDMI splitter, DisplayPort splitter, DVI splitter, VGA splitter. 
Video matrix allows user to freely assign signal routings among multiple video sources and displays.  
Rextron's video matrix includes HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, VGA matrix. 
Video scaler allows user to increase or decrease video resolution. 
Rextron's video scaler includes HDMI scaler, DisplayPort scaler, VGA scaler. 
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How to Choose A Video Switch :

Video Switch may have following features that may be required in different applications :

1. Resolution Supported by The Video Switch : The higher the resolution, the finer can the image be. In most cases, such as office / surveillance, 1080P will be sufficient for a video switch. However, in the cases of digital signage or those cases require large screen, video switch of 4K resolution should be applied for proper PPI ( pixel-per-inch ).

2. Video Interface Supported by The Video Switch : Selection of video interface of the video switch is largely dependent on what the sources provided. For most video players, HDMI should be appropriate. However, for computers, user should consider DisplayPort or DVI in the cases HDMI outputs are used for control console purpose.

3. Control Interfaces of The Video Switch : The native control interface of the video switch may be button control. If users want to control the switching remotely, IR control might be a required feature. If the video switch is to be incorporated into the environment control system, Serial RS232 control will be a must. For the playback of 4K content, HDCP control may play an important role.

4. Video Scaling Function of The Video Switch : There are 2 kinds of video scaling topologies, one is to simply duplicate existing pixel, the other is to process the video with linear interpolation algorithm. If the video switch is expected to output higher quality up-scaled video, the linear interpolation method should be applied. The video scaling engine could be costly based on the complexity of interpolation algorithm.

5. PIP/PBP Mixing of The Video Switch : Traditionally, PIP/PBP functions are only provided by the display itself. In nowadays, such function may be provided by video switch so that some displays without PIP/PBP can enjoy such functions. 


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