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As a professional A/V KVM manufacturer, Rextron has launched a wide range of KVM products, including KVM Switchers, KVM extenders, video splitters, and related accessories. In addition to the above products, we also supply a variety of related accessories, such as DP 1.4 cables, USB C Cables, HDMI 2.1 Cables, rack mount chassis, brackets, power hubs, USB keypads, USB transceivers, audio extractors, and audio embedders are also available.

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➤ Audio Embedder can merge the external audio signal into the HDMI signal, then users can embed the desired audio signal they want into the HDMI video.

➤ Audio Extractor can separate the audio signal from the HDMI signal, then users can easily connect the high quality speakers to it to have a better audio and video experience.

➤ USB Programming Key is a solution that specializes in memorizing hotkeys. It is very suitable for the products that need to input hotkeys. Users can customize and store any hotkey combination or a string of keystrokes, and only need single-finger tap on the buttons to enter the hotkey combination or a string of keystrokes. It can be used to control KVM switch or server through foot pedal, keyboard and USB keypad.


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