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In many cases, users need to operate multiple computers at the same time. To solve this situation, Rextron has launched a series of multi-port KM switchers, the best solution that allows users to switch the USB control console and USB devices among mulitple computers or servers.

In addition to KM switch products, Rextron also provides a full range of practical USB solutions, including USB switches, USB programming keys, and box-type and wall-type USB extenders, enabling users to extend the USB signal to 200M.

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Features of Rextron KM switchers

Unlike KVM switches, KM switches do not include video switching functions, but users can still monitor all displays at the same time. The KM switches from Rextron support up to 10 computers control and USB Peripherals sharing, feature mouse roaming function, allow users to move the mouse cursor to cross the border of computer smoothly and access the control of computer seamlessly.

In addition to the mouse roaming function, our KM switches support symmetric or asymmetric video walls and preset several popular screen layouts for customers’ instant use. Through Rextron Keyboard & Mouse Switch and a USB extender, users can easily configure to display content and switch between dual, triple, or quad head monitor configurations. It is the ideal solution for applications that require multi-screen video walls to display or switch key information, such as command and monitoring centers.


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