Nowadays most Elementary Schools in Taipei are very small and its play grounds are not able to accommodate all the teachers and students at same time or sometimes not convenient to gather all teachers and students to held Sports Day or Weekly Meeting because of the rain.

So when the school would like to hold the activities like Sports Day or Weekly Meeting, she prefers only the students to join the competition or the students to be awarded come to the play ground and the other students just stay in the classroom to watch the live sports game or watch the distribution of awards on a big screen with a projector in the classroom.

Besides when the school has the demand to digital learning, she could also use such equipment to let the students to watch English video while learning  English on class or help the teacher to hold the English test through watching the video to help the students to improve their capability to vocabularies and listening comprehension.

Furthermore the teachers or the management staffs do not need to worry the installation and operation would be very complex or hard to operate, the installation and operation of this system is very easy to setup and use it, and it also provides the capability of system expansion in the future.

NVKM series over IP Extender is an Video Over-IP product which permits to having 1,000 HDMI input and 1,000 HDMI output in same LAN ( Local Area Network ). The users could use our software to easily connect the input video source to output display rapidly without latency through clicking the buttons, and no need to care about the complex IP address setup. Moreover the user could according to the requirement of system to increase the quantities of input source or output display, do not need to worry to purchase another system if the demand of expansion in the future.



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