The church holds the service to worship God periodically. As a common architecture of church, the space inside the hall is large enough to accommodate lots of people. 

That is why a lot of churches which would install the flat screen in the front of the chapel, or, to mount the TV screens on the walls. It can help the audiences watch the priest’s sermon remotely or the testimony of believers from the different angles.

In order to spread Christianity, the church uses the video to share the Gospel to non-believers and try to make them believe in God. The church can also reach out to the community by displaying the broadcast schedule and the latest content on the monitors outside of the church building. There are many benefits of using the Digital Signage solution for the church, which can make the church information more accessible and readily available.

Here is an example of device installation application.

The speaker uses the equipments to connect the laptops to lecture the lessons. The speaker or the operator could display the paragraph of the Bible, the photos and the video from the multiple video sources on the multiple screens or TV wall remotely. 

The components to implement the digital signage solution will cover the following models.  

Model: VKSMC-421
4K Multi-Format Video Switch: Allow HDMI x 2 input, DP x 2 input & VGA & Audio x 1 to convert to HDMI output x 1 

Model: VKSMA-104
4K HDMI Splitter: Duplicate the HDMI input to 4 HDMI output

Model: EVBM-M110   
Video extender: Allow the video extension max. up to 100M distance 



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