Product Name : 4K DisplayPort KVM Extender over CAT.x with Audio, IR, Serial, USB, PoH, 100M
Product No : EVBPU-M2210
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Product Description
  • Unique Bi-Directional USB Slide/Host Setting Allow User to Apply USB Device at either End 
  • HDBaseT 2.0: EMI Immunity Enhanced,HDCP Compliant and Blu-Ray Ready 
  • Serial Extension Available,S/PDIF (Toslink) Support 
  • Deliver DisplayPort and 4 USB Signals to Multimedia Displays over Standard CAT.x Cable
  • PoH (Power over HDBaseT) over a Distance Up to 100M
  • 4K 60 420
  • 4K 30
  • Bidirectional IR Extension
  • RS 232 Extension
  • USB2.0
  • HDCP 1.4
HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender4K DisplayPort KVM Extender over CAT.x with Audio, IR, Serial, USB. EVBPU-M2210 transmits uncompressed 4K 30Hz DisplayPort video up to 70 meters and 1080p up to 100 meters through a single CAT.x cable. The KVM extender complies with HDR and HDCP

HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's HDBaseT 2.0 Technology allows users to extend uncompressed 4K 30Hz video at the best quality without any compromise. 

Devices such as HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender that support HDCP 2.2 (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Production) are more likely to be compatible with 4K UHD contents. Most of the latest Rextron Displayport KVM/ Video Extender supports HDCP 2.2 and is particularly backward-compatible with the previous version. That means you can connect older sources to a new 4K TV under HD streaming with no HDCP 2.x to 1.x converter in between. Rextron video extender supports HDCP key to ensure uninterrupted video playback at all times. 
HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's Unique bidirectional audio extension function within the Rextron KVM Extender and Video Extender can independently transmit a 2-way audio signal from the Transmitter unit to the Receiver unit, and vice versa. Except DisplayPort io the separate source audio channels provide bidirectional audio transmission that would be beneficial for content creator in video postproduction or in the case of emergency situation for notifying users of the computer or server room operation issues making possible the remote communication and coordination.

To provide an optical digital audio transmission solution, Rextron HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender is equipped with novel Toslink optical fiber connector used for sending a digital audio stream from the input of the Transmitter unit to the output of the Receiver unit. Toslink digital optical audio extension prevents the audio stream delivery from electric and magnetic interference and such optic connector supports most of the commonly seen studio audio equipments such as video game console, Blu-ray disk player, and AV receiver.

HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's Bi-directional IR extension feature supports full frequency IR signal from 38KHz to 56KHz. Furthermore, the pigtail design of the external IR extension unit with 1.4m cable increasing the distance between the emitter and receiver heads and the IR port on the extender unit gives users flexible and easier way in IR control system installation. That provides a unique strength which is often used in combination with home theater and system integration application. 
HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's Full-duplex data communication between Transmitter and Receiver via CAT.x or fiber cable connection is the cost effective, hardware-based solution providing remote access and control for all RS-232 protocol devices without any setup or configuration. RS-232 serial extension is suitable to be applied in digital signage, industrial or commercial office, smart classroom, and smart Home system.
HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's USB 2.0 extension function enables users to transmit USB 2.0 signals over CAT.x or fiber cable with downward compatibility eliminating the 5.0 meters distance limitation of USB, and the function features USB peripherals sharing capability without any software or driver installation. Dedicated USB 2.0 port designed on the front and rear side of the extender unit is suitable for both long-term and temporary USB peripherals access.

HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender's Power over HDBaseT ( PoH ) enables the transfer of DC power over a single Ethernet cable to a distance of up to 100 meters. Thus, single power supply at either end of the extender units, the PoH function is especially useful in the condition when there’s no available power socket at certain side. The PoH standard is based on the IEEE 802.3at standard and includes definitions of the power source equipment ( PSE ) and the powered device ( PD ) describing the detection and protection mechanisms to ensure safe and reliable power delivery.

The HDBaseT DisplayPort KVM Extender over CAT.x cable is ideal for public broadcasting, exhibits, retail stores, courtrooms, bus station, and many more applications. Moreover, It's easy to install, and no software or drivers are required. The KVM extender is compatible with all leading operating systems and supports most USB device types from high-speed webcams, hard drives, scanners, audio devices, touch screens, digital cameras, and game controllers.

Rextron has devoted to HDBaseT Alliance and developed hundreds of HDBaseT extenders. Through HDBaseT extenders, users have a better experience of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB, and PoH ( Power over HDBaseT ). HDBaseT extenders transmit as long-distance as 100m ( 328ft ) through a single cable. Even more, it can deliver up to 4K video, and we can expect 8K in the near future. 
  • USB Ports on Front & Rear Panels, Suitable for Both Long-Term or Temporary USB Devices 
  • Support Bi-directional IR Extension 
  • Compatible with Most Popular Screen Resolutions Like 4K Video, 1080p 60, Deep Color, HD-3D, HDR, HD Audio Formats, etc. 
  • Independent Bi-Directional Audio Transmission 
  • Unique Bi-Directional USB Slide/Host Setting Allow User to Apply USB Device at either End  ( Including USB KM, USB Drives, External Hard Disk Drives .... ) 
  • HDCP Compliant and Blu-Ray Ready 
  • Ideal for Receiving Guests ( for Hotels and Conference Rooms ) or Digital Signage (for Airports or Shopping Malls), Surveillance Cameras, Whole-home Networking, or Point-to-Point Applications 
  • HDBaseT 2.0: EMI Immunity Enhanced 
  • Serial Extension Available

Highlight Features
  • Deliver DisplayPort and 4 USB Signals to Multimedia Displays over Standard CAT.x Cable 
  • Transmit Full Uncompressed HD Video and Audio over CAT.x Cable 
  • PoH ( Power over HDBaseT ) over a Distance Up to 100M
  • S/PDIF ( Toslink ) Support 

Model Name


EVBPU-2210L (Transmitter)

EVBPU-2210R (Receiver)


  DisplayPort x 1
  Analog Stereo x 1
  S/PDIF (Toslink) x 1

  RJ-45 x 1
  Analog Stereo x 1


  RJ-45 x 1
  Analog Stereo x 1

  DisplayPort x 1
  Analog Stereo x 1
  S/PDIF (Toslink) x 1

  IR Extension (3.5mm Jacks)

  IR Transceiver x 1
  IR Receiver x 1

  USB 2.0 Port (Bi-directional)

  USB Host x 1
  USB Device  x 4

  USB Host x 1
  USB Device  x 4

  Serial Extension

  RJ12 x 1

  RJ12 x 1

  USB Host Slide Switch

  Host/Device Switch x 1

  LED (Link / Video status)

  Multi- Color x 1

  LED (USB status)

  Single-Color x 1

  Video Resolution (Max.)

  4K UHD 4096 x 2160 @30hz

  Extension Distance

  70M @ 4K UHD

  Power Supply

  DC 48V



  Weight (g)

  480~530 (each unit)

  H x W x D (mm)

  32 x 126 x 107 (each unit)




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