Product Name : 4K Multi-Format HDBaseT Video Extender with 4 Ports Switch, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Audio, IR, Serial, 70M ( PoC )
Product No : EVBMC-1471LA1
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Product Description
  • Auto EQ ( Sharpness ) Adjustment for Optimal Signal Clarity 
  • Feature HDMI Output on The Transmitter for Local Monitoring 
  • Additional Audio Extractor Function 
  • Bi-Directional IR Extension 
  • HDCP Compliant, 3D-Video and Blu-Ray Ready over Single CATx Cable 
  • Phantom Power Support - Power Only Required at Either One End of The Extender Pair
  • Exclusive EDID Function
  • 4K 60 420
  • 4K 30
  • Bidirectional IR Extension
  • RS 232 Control
  • IR Control
  • EDID Management
  • Multi-Format
  • HDCP 1.4
EVBMC-1471LA1, 4K Multi-Format HDBaseT Video Extender Transmitter with 4 Ports Switch unit, combines the video switch and video splitter features with audio embedder/ de-embedder, IR extension, power saving, IR and RS-232 serial/ GUI control function.
Multi-Format Video Extender Transmitter Unit-Interface

The product supports most popular video resolutions up to 4K with HDCP compliant and extends the video signal up to 70 meters (230ft) at 1080p or 35 meters (115ft) at 4K via a single category cable in a point-to-point configuration.

Intelligent AV Switching Support Multi-Format Video Interfaces
The transmitter unit provides comprehensive EDID management, such as Auto Learning mode, factory default and Copy mode, to ensure that every video source is displayed at the optimal resolution and format without any compatibility issue. It also enables users to copy or learn EDIDs from the monitor(s) (Local or Remote side) via rear panel EDID button pressing.

The video Extender Transmitter unit allows users to switch between 4 video sources (VGA, HDMIx2, DisplayPort) and then delivers the selected video stream to local (Tx) and remote side (Rx). The “input auto detecting” function always routes the last connecting stream (as first priorityto the output.

Recommendable Receiver models: EVBMR-107R with IR at 70M, EVBM-K1027R with PIP/PBP function at 70M, EVBM-K107R with scaler at 70M, EVBMS-107R with RS-232 serial feature at 70M, EVBM-107R, or the receiver in wall plate version.

EVBMC-1471LA1 provides 3 extra modes for input source selection including Manual mode, Auto mode, and Priority mode.
The 4 input sources selection can be carry out thru the slide switch on the rear panel :
  1. Switch mode: the input sources can be selected thru on-panel buttons, RS-232 serial or IR remote control.
  2. Auto mode: the last inserted source is automatically selected.
  3. Priority mode: Input source selected based on the priority level.

Unique Design Settings For Remote Output Configuration
Considering the balance between the extension distance, resolution and the power consumption, Rextron video extender put more emphasis on energy saving Initiatives and makes  a compromise by increasing extension distance in display resolution reduction.
Slide Switch settings for Remote Output Configuration:
Long Reach: Reduce the resolution to extend the transmission distance up to 150m@1080P
Normal: Factory default 1080p & 4K resolution
Auto Power Saving: System automatic power saving function under 4K resolution(Max.)

EVBMC-1471LA1 supports various ways of control that can be done thru front-panel buttons, RS-232 serial/GUI or IR remote control. The RS-232 serial control, built-in serial interface, with Graphical User Interface (GUI) function provides users easy and friendly operation. There’s also an IR sensor window at the front panel designed with great aesthetic and efficiency to quickly and accurately control this unit.

Rextron EVBMC-1471LA1 provides AV connectivity for most of the communication connection types the computer hookups needed, which includes HDMI, DisplayPort (option), VGA, Audio, and IR. Housed in a compact form factor, the multi-format AV interfaces support intelligent AV switching and the video extension functions, Extender Transmitter unit allows laptops to be easily connected to the system making Rextron EVBMC-1471LA1 the perfect addition to boardroom table.

Power over HDBaseT ( PoH ) enables the transfer of DC power over a single Ethernet cable to a distance of up to 100 meters. Thus, single power supply at either end of the extender units, the PoH function is especially useful in the condition when there’s no available power socket at certain side. 

Leading OEM/ODM HDBaseT Extender Manufacturer

On the cutting edge of IT field, with ample OEM/ODM experience, mature manufacture capability and R&D resource, Rextron Integrated the factory and sub-contractors, brought ideas to reality, and turned concept into the viable IT related products ready for the market.

For years, we kept pace with and provided various design houses and OEM customers with quick and reliable manufacturing and serving. These favorable products including HDBaseT ExtenderKVM extender, Video extender and USB KVM switch have gained international acclaim and are now widely used in businesses, factories, industrial operations, militaries, government installations, schools and private residences. As an ISO9001:2015 registered company; quality assurance is our first priority.

Rextron keeps strict manufacturing process constantly and source more RoHS and REACH compliant materials from all over the world.

Why choose Rextron's HDBaseT Extender
Rextron provides all kinds and full product lines of HDBaseT related products such as splitter, multi format switch, extender wall plate type, and conference table box to meet the needs of market requirement. Rextron HDBaseT products are compatible with the products from HDBaseT™ Alliance members like NEC, Panasonic, Sony, and Epson.

As one of Valens’ partners, Rextron has developed a wide variety of HDBaseT products that can fulfill diverse demands and needs in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our product ranges include HDBaseT point-to-point extenders, HDBaseT multi-format extenders, HDBaseT repeaters, HDBaseT splitters, HDBaseT Switches, and HDBaseT Scalers, and so on. Rextron HDBaseT products lead the industry by a variety of advanced features compliant with VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort interfaces.
  • Transmit DP / HDMI / VGA + Audio Signal up to 70 Meters 
  • Uses HDBaseT Technology 
  • Auto EQ (Sharpness) Adjustment for Optimal Signal Clarity 
  • Feature HDMI Output on The Transmitter for Local Monitoring 
  • Use Resolution Alternation Mode When Catching Multiple Similar Video Timing 
  • Priority Mode for Any Sequence 
  • Auto-Sensing Function Enables The System to Automatically Select The Latest Video Source 
  • Support Resolutions up to UHD (3840 x 2160)  
  • Additional Audio Extractor Function 
  • Bi-Directional IR Extension 
  • HDCP Compliant, 3D-Video and Blu-Ray Ready over Single CATx Cable 
  • Plug-and-Play System without Any Drivers or Software Installation 
  • Four Input Sources Selectable 
  • Front Panel Pushbuttons for Local / Remote 
  • Phantom Power Support - Power Only Required at Either One End of The Extender Pair

       Exclusive EDID Function
  • Multi-Functions for EDID Setting, Like EDID Copy and EDID Pre-setting, Ensuring Accurate Output Display 
  • Enable Separately Learn Audio and Video EDID for Multimedia/ Home Theater System Integration 
  • Read and Store The EDID from The Connecting Display to The Video Extension

Model Name



  Video Input

  DisplayPort (DP) x 1
  HDMI x 2
  VGA + Analog Stereo x 1

  Video Output

  HDMI x 1
  Analog Stereo x 1


  RJ-45 x 1

  LED Indicator
  (Power / Status)

  Source x 4
  Remote x 1
  Local x 1 

  Push Button

  Port Select x 4
  Function x 1
  Remote x 1
  Local x 1
  EDID Copy x 1  

  IR Extension

  IR Transceiver x 1
  IR Receiver x 1

  Serial Control

  RJ12 x 1

  Signal Configuration
  (Video/ Audio)

  Auto/ Inventory

  Mode Configuration

  Auto Power Saving / Normal / Long Reach

  Video Resolution (Max.)

  UHD     (3840 x 2160) for HDMI / DP  
  Full HD (1920 x 1080) for VGA

  Extension Distance

  HDMI / DP 
  70M @ Full HD (1920 x 1080) 
  35M @ UHD (3840 x 2160)

  70M @ Full HD (1920 x 1080)



  Power Supply

  DC 12V (Phantom Power Support)

  H x W x D (mm)

  40 x 160 x 100

  Weight (g)





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