Experience and Expertise

As a leading company in IT field and the pioneer of KVM and AV products manufacturer, Rextron R&D team boasts of talented software, firmware, PCB layout, mechanical hardware engineers and graphic designers. 25 percent of them are seasoned with more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields, while the other 50 percent carry over a decade of experience. We specialize in video signal processing, Signal Control, USB High Speed and SuperSpeed extension, and USB Type-C applications. With the aid of the high precision testing instruments like High Frequency Oscilloscope, Quantun Data ESD, Spectrum Analyzer, and thermostatic device, Rextron ensures product design with higher durability, reliability, and stability.

With abundant ODM and OEM experience in working with many global industry companies, Rextron’s sales representatives and product managers provide instant technical and business support service such as market information gathering, technical feasibility, competition and product advantage, and risk and return assessment to ensure customer satisfaction goals are met.

Product Development Process
To deliver on our commitment to customers for the quality and timeline, Rextron put more effort in the initial stage of the new product development and the following stage of testing, and validation. MTBF, Reliability, and Tolerability practices begin early in the design process and are well integrated into the overall product development cycle. During the testing stage, different levels of lightning surge protection are applied to the different product types. The connector with electroplating thickness of up to 15 microns is required to ensure 5 years anti-oxidation abilityfor durability test. During the production process, row material inspection is strictly regulated. We comply strict qualification measures on every raw materials. Sampling inspection through XRF analyzer on every batch of finished goods for certain items ensures the product quality. Full inspection is conducted to validate the accessories like cables and power adapters before they are stored in warehouse.
Manufacturing - Persist in high quality production

Excellent inventory management has been performed in manufacturing. ERP system helps to priority purchase the long lead time raw materials according to the delivery schedule and customer demands and make the PCBA semi-finished products ready before assembly, this can shorten the manufacturing lead time with 50% and reduce the risk of material shortage.

Rextron has meticulously and carefully performed QC process for two decades. Every product is permitted to leave the factory after the strict examination, such as PCB/PCBA testing, accessories checking, and product weight inspecting. The RMA rate is maintained at or under 0.5 %.

Customer Service

No matter the size of customers’ business, Rextron seriously and rapidly responds to every customer’s question on products or service. An example about a Video extender OEM project, we offered complete PDS schedule including software, hardware, layout, validation and held product scheduling meeting weekly. Customers were surprised and acclaimed when they first saw in a very short period of time the order was finished and delivered. One of our customers, once encountered a problem with a DVR system project, where the DVR only can be operated through a mouse. Our RD engineer team quickly added the mouse control function to Rextron KVM switches through software modification, enabling the KVM switch to support the DVR system project, which won high praise from the customer.

OEM & ODM Orientation

Rextron updates roadmap quarterly, provides the latest and the best-selling product information to our clients semiannually, and yearly visits the OEM and ODM customers worldwide for market information acquisition. We participate in every exhibition of ISE Europe, NAB US, and Computex Taipei, and hold the seminar irregularly for technical support, technical exchange, and product training.

To satisfy OEM and ODM customers, Rextron provides best service, and is capable of 4~6 groups of project implementation concurrently. Twenty years high-mix low-volume manufacturing, six hundred thousand units of annual production capacities, competence of the high level in software and hardware designs and modifications, designing for user habits and customer orientation, and high flexibility in assembling lines and production systems, Rextron is able to fulfill every contract of different types and quantities and is the best choice for OEM and ODM entrepreneurs.


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