Product Name : HDMI EDID Feeder with EDID Copy, EDID Emulation
Product No : VDDC-120HDMI
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Product Description
  • Unique Audio Inventory features provide 2ch. / 5.1ch. / 7.1ch. Audio EDID learning
  • The Rotary Switch is provided to manually select video resolutions
  • EDID Ghost (DDC Ghost)
  • EDID Emulation
  • EDID Management
  • HDCP 1.4
HDMI EDID Feeder with EDID Copy, EDID Emulation. VDDC-120HDMI is a 2 in 1 HDMI EDID Feeder, Max. supports up to 1920 x 1080, which is designed to restore and emulate the EDID information to ensure the accurate output. 

VDDC-120HDMI, it especially features its EDID Ghost and EDID Emulation function. Users may copy the presetting EDID to the video extension system. It could keep the EDID information or recall a default EDID setting in non-volatile memory to your display system, and allows your source to boot with accuracy.

It is the best solution for HDMI EDID issue.
  • EDID learning (read / store) functions avoid computers from deactivating inactive HDMI ports
  • Unique Audio Inventory features provide 2ch. / 5.1ch. / 7.1ch. Audio EDID learning, best for Home Theater system application
  • Innovative technology to integrate emulated EDID parameters and display’s HDCP parameters
  • The Rotary Switch is provided to manually select video resolutions
  • 3 modes for different applications: PC Mode, AV Mode, and Memory Mode: 
  1. PC Mode- for desktop and laptop system 
  2. AV Mode- for Home Theater AV application 
  3. Memory Mode- Reserve EDID information of your video/audio system
  • Professional AV performance configuration, like distinctive 50Hz / 60 Hz of frame rate and interlaced/progressive (non-interlaced) scanning system.
EDID Ghost (DDC Ghost)
  • Read and store (record) the EDID from the connecting display to the video extension system
  • Tremendous system for different types of incoming EDID data reading
  • Up to 15 presets/records of EDID data can be stored
EDID Emulation
  • Emulating EDID information ensures displaying the optimum video resolution
  • Provide EDID data, if a display's EDID is not available
  • Alternatively, perform the default or the copied EDID for the connected display device
  • Selectable EDID functions for multimedia system integration
  • Support DVI signal
  • Selectable scan mode and frame rate combined with optional video resolution for flexible and utmost uses of your displays

Model Name


  Input Port

  HDMI (F)

  Output Port

  HDMI (F)

  Push Button

  EDID Copy

  Rotary Switch

  16 default settings + 15 sets of inventory

  Slide Switch

  PC / AV / Memory Mode selection

  DIP Switch

  Audio channel / Color space /
  Scanning system / Video type selection

  Resolution (Max.)

  Full HD 1920 x 1080, 2048 x 1152

  LED Indicator

  Multiple Colors

  HDCP Compliance


  Power Supply

  5V DC
  *If the video source can supply enough power
   from HDMI connector, it is optional to apply the
   power to the unit



  Dimensions (H x W x D)(mm)

  22 x 51 x 80 mm

  Weight (g)

  120 ~ 130




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