Product Name : True 4K DisplayPort HDBaseT 3.0 KVM Extender over CAT.x with Local Out, Serial, LAN, USB 2.0, Audio, IR, 90M ( PoH )
Product No : EGBPUN-M3210
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Product Description
  • Allows Reliable Remote Access of a Computer or Video Source via a CAT.6A / 7 Cable Up to 90 Meters ( 295 feets )
  • HDBaseT 3.0 Technology Grants Uncompressed True 4K HDMI 2.0 Extension
  • Most Popular Resolutions Supported by 4K DP ( DisplayPort ) Up to 4K@60Hz ( 4:4:4 )
  • LAN Extension
  • 4K 60 444
  • 4K 30
  • Bidirectional IR Extension
  • RS 232 Extension
  • USB2.0
  • HDCP 1.4
CAT6 USB DP KVM Extender, 4K60@90M, Bi-Directional Video Extension, Dual Console, Switch Splitter, USB Hub, Audio Embed/ Extract, Ethernet, PoH, EGBPUN-M3210
EGBPUN-M3210= EGBPUN-3210L (Tx, USB Host/ Device) + EGBPUN-3210R (Rx, USB Device)

Based on HDBaseT 3.0 technology, EGBPUN-M3210 extends Bi-Directional DP/ HDMI, Audio, USB 2.0, IR, CEC, Serial, PoE, and Ethernet port signals up to 85~100M. It offers 18G Video extension capability to transmit uncompressed 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) video through single CAT.6 or CAT.7 cable connection up to 70~100 meters. Dedicated USB-A ports designed on the Tx and Rx of the extender unit are suitable for both local and remote site USB peripherals access.

Bi-Directional Video Extension
Bi-Directional DP/HDMI signal transmission combining the Video Switch Splitter functions enables the Video output port on the Transmitter Unit (Local Out) to present local video coming from the Tx or remote video coming from the Rx, and the video signals switching can be simply achieved by button pressing. The local/ remote video switching function offers a better visibility and allows local users to monitor the video signals coming from both sides, while the video splitter function broadcasts Video signal on both local (Sender) and remote (Receiver) unit concurrently.
Bi-Directional Video Extension

Bi-Directional Audio Extension
Rextron KVM Extender Bi-Directional Audio signal transmission combines the audio embedder/ extractor function can independently transmit the audio signal from the Transmitter unit to the Receiver unit, and vice versa, and can arbitrarily embed audio from a 3.5mm source to the DP signal or to extract the DP audio to a 3.5mm analogue stereo audio, which provides the second audio transmission channel that would be beneficial for the content creator in video postproduction or audio broadcasting with the installation of home cinema amplifier.
CAT6 USB DP KVM Extender-Bi-Directional Audio Extension

Unique Ethernet Port designed on Transmitter and Receiver unit supports 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Pass-Thru, which is suitable for the connection with the LAN system and eliminates the extra Ethernet cable deployment.

The PoH (Power over HDBaseT) feature provides 48V from Transmitter (EGBPUN-3210L, PSE, 48V) to Receiver (EGBPUN-3210R, PD) allowing for greater flexibility in different installation scenarios where there is no available power socket nearby. 

RS-232 (RJ-11-to- RS-232 Adapter) serial extension is commonly applied in Digital Signage, Smart Classroom, and Smart Home system. CAT6 USB DP KVM Extender Full-Duplex Data Communication between Tx & Rx via CAT.x cable connection is a cost-effective, hardware-based solution providing remote access and control for all RS-232 protocol devices with no need for any setup or configuration.

Rextron CAT6 USB DP KVM Extender EGBPUN-M3210 features Dual-User Access, Bi-Directional Video Extension, Bi-Directional Audio Extension, and IR and Serial transmission. These essential elements are dedicated designed to be applied to Server Room, Data Center, Education and Health Care system. 
  • Allows Reliable Remote Access of a Computer or Video Source via a CAT.6A / 7 Cable Up to 90 Meters ( 295 feets )
  • HDBaseT 3.0 Technology Grants Uncompressed True 4K HDMI 2.0 Extension
  • Most Popular Resolutions Supported by 4K DP ( DisplayPort ) Up to 4K@60Hz ( 4:4:4 )
  • HDCP 1.4 Compliance Ensures Uninterrupted Video Playback
  • HDR10 Support for Best Visual Experience
  • Auxiliary HDMI Allows Flexible Monitoring :
  1. Transmitter's HDMI 2.0 Local Output
  2. 720P Video Return from The Receiver Facilitates Monitoring and Recording Purposes
  • USB 2.0 Extension Supports Keyboard, Mouse, USB Storage, USB Camera, and Other Devices
  • Serial Extension Allows for Extensive RS232 Control Applications
  • Giga LAN Extension Simplifies Cable Path
  • CEC Pass Through Allows Easy Control
  • Audio Embed Allows User to Insert Informative Audio Content into The HDMI
  • Audio Extract Allows Easy Connection to an Analog Audio Amplifier
  • Audio Embed Controls at Both Sides Allows Practical Audio Applications
  • PoH ( Power over HDBaseT ) Allows The Transmitter to Supply Power to The Receiver

Model Name

EGBPUN-M3210 ( PoH )

EGBPUN-3210L (Transmitter)

EGBPUN-3210R (Receiver)


  7680x4320@30Hz ( 4:2:0 )  
4096x2160@60Hz ( 4:4:4 )
3840x2160@60Hz ( 4:4:4 )

  Video Interface

DisplayPort Input x 1

DisplayPort  Output x 1

  USB 2.0 Extension

USB-B x 1
USB-A x 3

USB-A x 4

  Speaker Extension

3.5mm SPK Jack x 1 ( In )

3.5mm SPK Jack x 1 ( Out )

Independent Transmission or
Embed into HDMI Signal

Independent Transmission or
Extract from HDMI Signal

  Microphone Extension

3.5mm MIC Jack x 1 ( Out )

3.5mm MIC Jack x 1 ( In )

  LAN Extension

RJ45 x 1 ( 1Gbps )

RJ45 x 1 ( 1Gbps )

  IR Extension

IR 3.5mm x 1 ( Out )

IR3.5mm x 1 ( In )

  Serial Extension

RJ11 x 1 ( RS232 )

  Push Buttons

Audio Embed x 1
Video Local Out x 1

Audio Embed (Transmitter) x 1
Audio Extract x 1

  LED Indicator

Status x 1
Audio Embed x 1
Video Local Out x 1

Status x 1
Audio Embed x 1
Video Extract x 1

  HDCP Compliance

HDCP 1.4

  HDBaseT Interface

RJ45 x 1 ( CAT.6a /CAT.7 )

  Extension Range

MAX. 70~90 Meters with CAT.6a / CAT.7
( CAT.6a Cable Should be Verified by HDBaseT )

  Auxiliary HDMI

1. HDMI 2.0 Local Out

( Not Used )

2. 720P Video Return ( Receiver-to-Transmitter )

  Power Supply

DC 12V~48V ( PoH Transmitter-to-Receiver )

  Operation Environment

0~50°C, Humidity<80%

  Storage Temperature




  H x W x D (mm)

30 x 127 x 135

  Weight ( g )




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