Product Name : 4K HDMI EDID Feeder with video Splitter, EDID Copy, EDID Emulation
Product No : VDDC-400HDMI
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Product Description
  • 4K UHD HDMI EDID Feeder with Splitter Function (HDCP Engine built-in)  
  • Allow restoring 4 customized EDID information 
  • Avoid computer from deactivating or inactive HDMI ports 
  • Copy EDID from the connecting display 
  • Economical, durable and dependable 
  • EDID Ghost (DDC Ghost) 
  • 4K 30
  • EDID Management
  • HDCP 1.4
EDID Feeder with video splitter, 1x2 HDMI Splitter, 4K@30Hz,HDCP, VDDC-400HDMI

VDDC-400HDMI, EDID Feeder with video splitter, distributes HDMI video out to 2 HDMI Monitors. The build-in HDCP key acts as a coordinator between the source and the display device to ensure continuous digital video streaming

EDID Feeder: DDC Ghost
EDID Auto Learning and EDID Copy functions allow the EDID Feeder with video splitter either to read the necessary EDID information from the splitter unit itself or to copy EDID from the EDID compliant monitors (HDMI1 or HDMI2), which ensures the accurate output display.

EDID Feeder with video splitter, VDDC-400HDMI, aggregates EDID Feeds from either HDMI 1 (Main) or HDMI 2 (Aux) compliant monitor and supports both Permanent (EDID Copy) and Temporary (EDID Auto Learning) EDID configurations.
NOTE: EDID Auto Learning records the EDID information but the EDID data will be erased after hot plug or power off
  • 2-Port 4K30Hz HDMI Splitter
  • Display Emulator, DDC Ghost, emulates a display connected to the PC/ Player/ Console
  • EDID Copy allows the unit to copy or automatically learn EDIDs from the connected display(s)
  • Allow restoring 4 set of EDID information
  • HDCP Key ensures uninterrupted video playback
  • Supports resolution up to 4K30Hz 
  • Works with any operating system, no software installation required
  • Support over 100 popular resolution
  • Built in EDID/HDCP Engine
  • Incorporate EDID and HDCP handling procedures for continuous video output
  • EDID Auto Learning: Auto configuring EDID from the connecting display

Model Name


  MAX. Video Resolution

3840x2160@30Hz ( 4:4:4 )

  Video Input

HDMI x 1

  Video Output

HDMI x 2 (Main x 1, Aux x 1)

  EDID Memories

Main HDMI x 3
Aux HDMI x 1

  Slide Switch

EDID Copy x 1 ( Main HDMI x 3 and Aux HDMI x 1 )

  Push Button

Copy x 1

  LED Indicator

Status x 2

  HDCP Compliance

HDCP 1.4

  Power Supply

DC 5V ( Mini-USB )

  Operating Environment

0~40°C, Humidity<80%

  Storage Temperature




  H x W x D (mm)

24 x 98 x 64

  Weight (g)


EDID Feeder with video splitter-connection


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