Product Name : 4K HDMI Video Extender Receiver with Scaler, Mixer, PIP, PBP Function, 100M
Product No : EVBM-K1029R
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Product Description
  • Video Scaler Up to 4K UHD ( 3840 x 2160@30Hz ), with More than 40 Presets
  • Mixer Function Mix Local & Remote Video into One Display, with PIP / PBP / Screen Layout ( Anchor ) Function
  • Auto EQ ( Sharpness ) adjustment for optimal signal clarity
  • Remote Input Source Selectable at Rx ( EVBMC-1491LA1 or EVBMV-1391LA1 Required )
  • Audio Embed Function
  • HDCP Compliant, 3D-Video and Blu-ray Ready
  • 4K 30
  • 4K Scaler
  • Bidirectional IR Extension
  • RS 232 Control
  • IR Control
  • Video PBP
  • Video PIP
  • 1080P Scaler
  • HDCP 1.4
Rextron’s EVBM-K1029R is an advanced and uncompressed HDMI HDBaseT Extender Receiver with integrated video Scaler, PIP & PBP video mixer, Local HDMI input, audio embedding, audio extracting, HDCP protocol, power saving, and OSD menu supported. It can Mix Local and Remote Video into One Display with PIP or PBP Screen Layout, and Auto EDID Configuration function to ensure the optimized output.

This product uses Rextron’s expertise in HDBaseT technology to receive 4K uncompressed HDMI video, audio and controls from the distance of 100m (330ft) at 1080P or 70m (230ft) at 4K using a single CAT.x cable in a point-to-point configuration. It supports most popular video scaling resolutions up to 4K 30Hz (4:4:4) with more than 40 presets and is ideal for the most demanding applications.It is the best solution to the School, Military, Office, Meeting Room, Control Room or Digital Signage.

This 4K HDMI Video Extender Receiver and Scaler performs a variety of video scaling and multi-view effects – 2 presets of video mixing modes (PIP or PBP). The difference between EVBM-K1029R and others HDBaseT receiver is the user can display two different images from different location on one screen. With the Scaler functions, user could easily convert the original video resolution to an appropriate resolution without distortion. Freeze/Blanking or Audi Mute function through direct buttons on the front panel when the “Func.” button is pressed. When the “Func.” button is not pressed these video effect buttons work as Input select buttons. Furthermore, the unit has the comprehensive and convenient “Menu” key button at the front panel to enter into the OSD menu; it allows users to select their desired picture quality output thru the navigation buttons. This product also provides power saving feature via pressing and holding the “StandBy” button for 2~3 seconds at the front panel.

The 4K HDMI HDBaseT Extender Receiver with auto EDID feature has PIP & PBP mixer and integrated scaler built-in allowing users to view two different images on one screen simultaneously with identical aspect ratio - one can be sourced from remote Transmitter side at distance of 100m or 70m approx. and the other can be sourced from the local HDMI input. These two different sources can be swapped smoothly thru push button at the front panel. It is a great solution for users in their A/V system installation requirements.

The 4K HDMI HDBaseT Extender Receiver with audio extracting supported has video switching feature built in, users may switch the video input source either from the Transmitter, or thru the Receiver; therefore users no need to go over the Transmitter to switch the video input source. The audio de-embedding feature extracts the audio from video and then feeds it into a 2-channel high quality speaker.

The 4K HDMI HDBaseT Extender provides comprehensive management of EDID (Auto Learning and Copy modes) and Auto EQ (Sharpness) to ensure that the source device is displayed at the optimal resolution and format without any compatibility issue. Comprising a compact Transmitter (recommendable Transmitter models: Multi Format Switch EVBMC- 1491LA1, Multi Format Switch EVBMV-1391LA1, 3 ports HDMI Switch EVBM-1391L or the transmitter in under-desk version such as TBV-AUA0219, or wall plate EVBMC-A1391WL) and Receiver pair, it can beinstalled in minutes and requires no special programming. 

The Bi-directional audio extension function can independently transmit a 2-way audio signal from the transmitter unit to the Receiver unit, and vice versa. Except for HDMI audio, the separate audio channels provides a bi-directional audio transmission that is beneficial for the content creators in video postproduction, or in case of emergency situations for notifying users of the computer or server room operation issues, making possible the remote communication and coordination.

The IR extension function supports full frequency range from 38KHz up to 56KHz. Furthermore, the distance between the emitter head and the IR port on the HDBaseT Extender may be extended to provide users a flexible and easy way in IR control system installation (maximum 3 meters cable length). It is a unique feature often used in combination at home theater or the system integration application. There’s also an IR sensor window at the front panel designed with great aesthetic, efficiency and accuracy to control this unit.

The RS-232 serial control with baud rate fixed at 38,400bps is the cost-effective, hardware-based solution providing access and control. It is suitable in applications such as digital signage, industrial, commercial office, classroom, or board room system.

The 4K HDMI HDBaseT Extender system supports various ways of control that can be done thru on-panel buttons, IR remote or OSD (On Screen Display). It is perfect for public broadcasting, exhibitions, retail stores, courtrooms, bus stations, airports, education, military, office, meeting room, control room, digital signage, lecture hall, or the factories applications. To put it in a nutshell, it is an HDBaseT receiver for all demands to HDBaseT extender products.

Rextron has joined HDBaseT Alliance for years and has developed a series of HDBaseT products family with various form factors such as multi format switch, splitter, under-desk, wall plate, table box or stand alone box to meet different installation requirements at customers’ environments. The models with HDBaseT 3.0 and 2.0 specifications as well as PoH (Power over HDBaseT) feature are also announced.

What is a video scaler ?

The video scaler is a digital device that could convert the video signals from one display resolution to another resolution. Why do we need to change the display resolution? Because the display resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed, the different display equipment usually supports the different output resolution. When the resolution of video source and the output display is not the same, it would cause the image flashing, blurred or even not display. At this moment, the scaler could increase or decrease the input video resolution for video to output at a proper specific ratio.
For example, the most common projectors support 720p or 1080p resolution. If the user wants to display 4K or even 8K content, then he will need a scaler to display the image properly.

Where is the scaler used?
The video scaler could be used in school, office, control room, airport,metro or bus station.

What is PIP/PBP function?
PIP or PBP is a function to integrate two different images into the screen of one display, allowing users to watch two images at same time and switch from different images easily and convenient.

PIP (Picture in Picture) is a function to display the main video source on screen and the second video source on sub window.
PBP (Picture by Picture) is a function to place two input sources side by side on the screen.
However, our EVBM-K1029R incorporates PIP and PBP and the function of video extension. The user can transmit the video signal from a distance and insert the video source nearby EVBM-K1029R to let two images from different locations display on the screen.

Leading OEM/ODM HDBaseT Extender Manufacturers

Rextron is on the cutting edge of IT trend, with our ample experience, mature capability and R&D resource, we can serve our customers for OEM even ODM project. Integrated our factory & sub-contractors, we could bring your ideas to manufacture, developing your idea into the viable IT related products ready to send to market.

We had have already provided various designs to famous brand manufacturers for years, these HDBaseT KVM extender, HDBaseT Video extenderKVM extender, Video extender and USB KVM switch products are widely used in businesses, factories, industrial operations, militaries, government installations and residences. As an ISO9001:2015 registered company, Rextron is always sourcing the materials from the vendors compliant to RoHS and REACH standards, because it is our determination to the quality assurance.

Why choose Rextron's HDBaseT Extender
Rextron joined HDBaseT Alliance for years and developed hundreds of HDBaseT Extenders. Through HDBaseT Extenders, users would have a better experience of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB, and POH (Power over HDBaseT). HDBaseT Extenders could transmit Long-distance up to 100m/328ft through a single cable, even more, they can deliver up to 4K video, and we expect 8K in the near future. 

As one of Valens’ partners, Rextron has developed a wide variety of HDBaseT products that can fulfill diverse demands and needs in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our product ranges include HDBaseT point-to-point extenders, HDBaseT multi-format extenders, HDBaseT repeaters, HDBaseT splitters, HDBaseT Switches, and HDBaseT Scalers ,and so on. Rextron HDBaseT products lead the industry by a variety of advanced features compliant with VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort interface.

Rextron HDBaseT products are compatible with the HDBaseT products from some of HDBaseT™ Alliance members like NEC, Panasonic, Sony, and Epson HDBaseT projectors and displays.

In addition, to ensure the safety of all Rextron products, we will pass internal accelerated product life tests before leaving the factory, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and drop tests.
  • Receive HDBaseT Extended Video Signal to HDMI Display over CAT.x Cable of Up to 100 M @1080p & 70M @4K UHD
  • Video Scaler Up to 4K UHD ( 3840 x 2160@30Hz ), with More than 40 Presets
  • Mixer Function Mix Local & Remote Video into One Display, with PIP / PBP / Screen Layout ( Anchor ) Function
  • Auto EQ ( Sharpness ) adjustment for optimal signal clarity
  • Remote Input Source Selectable at Rx(EVBMC-1491LA1 or EVBMV-1391LA1 Required)
  • Local & Remote Video Swappable
  • Serial & OSD & IR Control
  • Bi-Directional IR Extension
  • Audio Embedded Function
  • Support Complete Video Control of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, and More
  • HDCP Compliant, 3D-Video and Blu-ray Ready
  • Plug-and-Play System without Any Driver or Software Installation

Model Name



  Video Input

  RJ-45 (Remote Video)  x1
  HDMI (Local Video)  x1

  Video Output

  HDMI  x1

  Audio Input

  Analog Stereo (Embed)  x1

  Audio Output

  Analog Stereo (Extract)  x1

  LED Indicator
  (Power / Status)

  Source (Dual Color)   x4
  Status (Multi-Color)   x1
  Local in (Dual Color)  x1

  Push Button

  Multi-Function Control  x4
  Menu  x1
  Local in    x1
  Func / Standby   x1
  Swap  x1   

  IR Extension

  IR Transceiver  x1
  IR Receiver       x1    

  IR Control

  IR Receiver (Front)  x1
  External IR Receiver in (Rear)  x1

  Serial Control

  RJ12 x 1

  Video Resolution (Max.)

  4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz)

  Extension Distance

  70M@4K UHD



  Power Supply

  DC 12V


Education Solutions

Nowadays most Elementary Schools in Taipei are very small and its play grounds are not able to accommodate all the teachers and students at same time or sometimes not convenient to gather all teachers and students to held Sports Day or Weekly Meeting because of the rain.

Education Solutions

Church Solutions

The church holds the service to worship God periodically. As a common architecture of church, the space inside the hall is large enough to accommodate lots of people. That is why a lot of churches which would install the flat screen in the front of the chapel, or, to mount the TV screens on the walls. 

Church Solutions


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