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Rextron provides a series of EDID feeder solutions for VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort products, features EDID emulation, ghost EDID, auto EDID, EDID learning, EDID copy, and HDCP technology ensure to output optima display.

In addition to EDID feeder products, Rextron provides a series of video converters and boosters to support analog to digital or digital to analog signal conversion and signal enhancement. Please click on the product directly from the list below or contact our service team to discuss more.

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What Is EDID (Extended Display Identification Data)?

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a data of display to describe its capability to the video source. An EDID information contains manufacturer name, product ID, interface type, supported timings, display size, and other characteristics.

EDID is a VESA standard format that contains information about the display manufacturer, screen size, native resolution, color characteristics, frequency range limits, and more. Once the source receives this information, it can generate the required video characteristics to match the needs of the display. EDID is often used with a computer graphics card as the source device. Additionally, HDTV receivers, DVD and Blu-ray players, LCDs, and digital TVs can read EDID and output the required video format.

Please find some potential issues that might be caused by the EDID problem.

  1. There is no image shown on the display.
  2. The display lost the image when a new source connected.
  3. While a monitor is turned off or into sleep mode, it will cause the monitor unwanted behavior.

If you have any questions about using EDID devices or other KVM solutions, please feel free to contact Rextron! We are one of the industry experts recognized by global customers in the field of KVM OEM manufacturing.


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