Products :

Rextron products are installed in approximately 90% of China Railway High-speed (CRH) Control Center.

  • Fiber DVI Extender: FXDA-M043
  • 1U Console Drawer: HKNE-101C, HUNE-104DC

General Info :

China has the world's largest high-speed rail network with a length over 29,000 km by 2018. There are over 10,000 km tracks that trains could operate over 300 km/h. It offers commercial services for approximately 70% of the global high-speed railway. China plans to construct the total length with 38,000 km for high-speed railway in 2025.

Challenges :

  • Extreme Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Long Distance
  • Electromagnetic Interference(EMI)
  • Different Train Dispatching And Command System
  • Various Communication Interface

Rextron Solutions :

Fiber DVI Extender(FXDA-M043), it helps a stable, high quality, anti-interference without compatibility issues, and integrates different systems. Also, FXDA-M043 works without latency which is the critical factor for solving general problems.

Characteristics :

  • FXDA-M043It is designed with anti-EMI, EDID Auto reading, and with no latency for various environment of the high-speed railway. HKNE-101C, HUNE-104DC
  • HKNE-101C, HUNE-104DCIt provides an efficient operating platform with concise 1U design, modularization, and easy installation.
    It support a remote control function to fulfill users a utility in different environment.


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