Product Name : HDMI Video Extender over IP with Serial, IR ( H.264 ) ( Transmitter )
Product No : IPVXM-010L
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Product Description
  • Extend Compressed H.264 Video Signal over 100 Mega LAN
  • 99 Channel Selections on The Rotary DIP Switch Available for Pairing
  • Support HDMI with 2ch. Audio
  • Automatic EDID configuration & EDID Copy
  • Well-developed Ethernet Technology and TCP/IP Communication Protocol
  • HDCP1.4 Compliant and Blu-ray Ready
  • HDTV Compatible; Support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i
  • Compatible with Most of The Popular Screen Resolution up to Full HD System
  • Optional VESA Mounting Bracket Supported (for VESA Mounted Display Attachment)
  • RS232 ( Pass-through ), 38-56KHz Bi-directional IR & GUI control
HDMI over IP Transmitter Unit, H.264 HDMI Matrix, Video Scaling, IR Extension, EDID Migration, Bandwidth Management, and IR/Serial/ Web GUI Control, IPVXM-010L
HDMI over IP Transmitter, IPVXM-010L, allows you to extend or broadcast HDMI signal using a Gigabit Local Area Network (LAN). Matrix switching extension over IP provides independent Video, IR routing, and 99 selections (ID) on the DIP rotary switch available for pairing. HDMI over IP Transmitter EDID copy and automatic EDID configuration ensure uninterrupted video playback and fix the black-screening issues.
Bandwidth Management Sliding Switch on Tx side is available for 4 levels of video bandwidth selection and supports SD/HD/FHD video output bit rate settings range from 3,000kbps to 115,000kbps. 
Built-in 2.5mm Jack serial interface on Tx unit supports both IR Control and IR Extension function. IR Control requires IR receiver cable (purchased separately) installed on Rx Unit for the system configuration, while IR Extension function requires IR emitter cable (purchased separately) to be installed on Tx side for the DVD player operation.
The transmitter unit with integrated Scaler (Slide Switch) ensures reliable 1080p/720p output regardless of the input resolution. Video Scaler enables native (1080p or 720p) or downscaling (720p or 480p) resolution for the optimal demonstration.
HDMI over IP, IPVXM-M010, supports various ways of control that can be done thru Push button, DIP rotary switch, RS-232 serial, and IR remote control. The RS-232 serial control, built-in 2.5mm Jack serial interface, provides users easy and friendly operation. There’s also an IR sensor cable  (purchased separately) designed with great aesthetic and efficiency to quickly and accurately control this unit. Furthermore, the distance between the emitter head and the IR port on the unit may be extended to provide users a flexible and easy way in IR remote control system installation (maximum 3 meters IR extension cable can be purchased separately).
Note: IPVXM-M010 = IPVXM-010L (Transmitter) + IPVXM-010R (Receiver)
  • Extend compressed H.264 Video Signal over 100 Mega LAN
  • HDCP1.4 compliant and Blu-ray ready
  • HDTV compatible; support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i
  • Compatible with most of the popular screen resolution up to Full HD system
  • Optional VESA Mounting Bracket supported(for VESA Mounted Display Attachment)
  • 99 channel selections on the Rotary DIP Switch Available for Pairing
  • Support HDMI with 2ch. Audio
  • Automatic EDID configuration & EDID copy
  • Well-developed Ethernet Technology and TCP/IP Communication Protocol
  • RS232(pass-through), 38-56KHz Bi-directional IR & GUI control support

Model Name

IPVXM-010L ( Transmitter ) (H.264)

  Video Input

HDMI x 1

  Video Output


  Video Resolution (Max.)

Full HD (1920 x 1080) @ 60 Hz
WUXGA (1920 x 1200) @ 60 Hz

  (Power / Connection Status)

x 1

  Control Methods

Web (LAN), Serial, IR, GUI

  IR Extension

Yes ( Rx to Tx )

  LAN Type

100MB above LAN

  System Expandability
  (Maximum Number)


  Maximum Distance

Ethernet-based network
(3 levels of Switch Hub can be Daisy-chained for system expansion, and
each switch hub can have 100 meters extension.)

  Operation Environment

0~40°C, Humidity<80%

  Storage Temperature


  Power Supply

DC 5V, 1 A (Mini USB)

  Weight (g)

340 ~ 360

  H x W x D (mm)

23 x 88 x 107


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