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If you need to switch between multiple computing devices ( desktop, laptop, mac), USB devices, Nintendo Switch, SONY PS4/PS5, Xbox One, webcams, or other peripheral devices, then you must need a KVM switcher.

KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. KVM allows you to access multiple computers via only one set of Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor, also saving you space, time, equipment, and money. Rextron KVM switch is a pure hardware solution in a compact size, the plug-and-play system without any driver or software installation. It simply reduces redundant cables and encourages a neat working environment.

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Expert in KVM Switch Box OEM/ODM

Rextron KVM Switches, fully compatible with USB specification, are a combination of USB KVM switches. Users can easily operate multiple PCs, Macs, or Linux respectively from a single set of USB keyboards, mouse, and monitor.

We provide a wide variety of KVM switch products to meet customer’s requirements, like desktop KVM Switches, cabinet KVM switches, power redundant KVM switches, Full-Frame PBP KVM Switches, dp 1.4 KVM switch, hotkey KVM switcher, HDMI matrix switcher, and more.

In order to meet the ever-changing market needs, Rextron KVM switch products are based on the most advanced technology development and production, which can support a variety of video ports, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and even the popular USB C port, and up to 8K 60Hz resolution.

With many years of R&D experience, Rextron knows how to design the most economical switch products. All our KVM switches are designed to provide a simple and intuitive method for multiple computer selection, such as front panel button pressing, hotkey commands or OSD activation and roaming mouse switching.

If you have any questions about how to choose a suited KVM switch, please refer to our purchase guide or contact our service team, and we will reply as soon as possible.


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